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Finca Chocolat

Project Description

In the Fall of 2015 Dogged Savvy was approached to collaborate on a new agricultural business in southern Belize. The concept existed to create the largest cacao farm in Belize and a 500+ acre parcel of land had been identified for potential purchase but there was no financing, business plan or team in place to move from concept to reality.

Dogged Savvy wrote a business plan with in-depth financial analysis and brought together a small group of investors. With funding secured, Dogged Savvy bypassed the realtor who had ineffectively held the listing for 2+ years and negotiated directly with the property owner to arrive at an agreement to purchase the property for approximately 50% of its original list price.

Dogged Savvy then obtained Central Bank approval for foreign direct investment and oversaw purchase of the land while working with a Belizean legal team to draft corporate documents. Dogged Savvy remains involved in planning and financial analysis for Finca Chocolat and will become more actively involved again in 2018+ by providing marketing and sales support once the cacao trees are producing.


Project Details

Client Finca Chocolat, Ltd.
Date September 2015 – Present
Skills Business Inception, Financing, Negotiations, Sales & Marketing

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