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Dogged Savvy was founded in Washington, DC in 1996 under the name of Global Services by David Santilli. The firm prospered and grew from one owner-employee to nearly 20 by the early 2000s.

Our team made a name for itself in the Federal sector by obtaining some of the earliest GSA Schedules awarded and then helping our clients to market their services and products to the U.S. government under those schedules. This is where much of that $3 BILLION number comes from on our home page if you were wondering.

We worked with all shapes and sizes of companies across multiple industries and grew truly adept at helping our clients identify, target and win new business.

Despite that, by 2003 the joy of growing Global Services had dissipated, as it does for many founders / entrepreneurs, and Mr. Santilli sold the assets of the firm to his employees and changed its name to Dogged Savvy. We are proud to say that Global Services is still doing well and serving its clients in the Federal arena 20+ years later.

Dogged Savvy has continued to help clients start, grow and sell their businesses since 2003 outside of the U.S. Federal sector by pulling from a team of consultants as needed for clients. Currently we are doing a good bit of work in Belize and enjoying the change of pace.

If you have a desire to grow your business but are not exactly sure how, get in touch. We love a challenge.

Dogged Savvy is a professional consultancy and web development agency with offices in Belize and the United States.

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